INTERSTAR Security’s Signal & Image Reception Centre

kentro-simatonDue to its perfectly organised structure, INTERSTAR Security is one of the few security companies which can offer you “double security”.

The reason is that our company is equipped with its own ultramodern Signal & Image Reception Centre, operated by specialised staff – all of them at your disposal 24 hours a day.

INTERSTAR Security’s Signal & Image Reception Centre has an up-to-the-minute data reception and processing system, customized to each and every situation separately.

All of INTERSTAR Security clients’ protection systems are connected to the Signal & Image Reception Centre via a conjunct phone line, hired straight line or optical fibre line – all of their communication monitored for reasons of safety.

This system monitors, records and saves everything, so as to recognize and confront everyone. This is why this system offers the safest and most secure environment for you and your property.