The ultimate security for all your needs

Our company’s basic priority is the constant betterment of our services, in order to give you technologically advanced and high-quality solutions.

Today, INTERSTAR Security is an exemplary consulting and security services company providing:

  • Threat Assessment and Protection Planning
  • Communication Security Services
  • Incident Prevention Planning
  • Individuals’ and Procedures’ research and inspection
  • Crisis Management
  • Civil and Criminal Research
  • Fleet of cars’ handling via satellite
  • Special Security Training
  • Support with our specialized highly trained personnel
  • Special security-safety services for VIP’S and important figures
  • Special security, safety and protection services for Pieces of Art, Museums etc.
  • Special security services for susceptible to danger organizations such as Airports, Banks, State Buildings, Institutions, Ports etc.

All the above enable us to execute a precise and integrated danger assessment and to react or deter danger from occurring in the following situations:

  • Threats of random or premeditated damage
  • Criminal Activities
  • Organized terrorism
  • Capital and information transfer
  • Security consulting to individuals & companies