Offender Monitoring


The protection of our life, family and property are in danger every single day, whether we are near them or not. New dangers are lurking and all security companies promise to do their best to face them.

INSTERSTAR Security offers modern tracking systems via GPS, which allows the monitoring of our and our clients’ vehicles anywhere, at any time.

The full GPS technology support gives the opportunity to distant users to track down and monitor moving vehicles. It’s a multi-functional surveillance system that has been applied countable times in diverse and varied productive structures throughout the globe.

It has been designed to transmit video via moving or static units through mobile and wireless networks in remote devices. (Laptop, PC, Web Server, PDA & Mobile Phones).

Works with Google Maps & Microsoft Map Point.

The particular system uses cellular and wireless technologies to achieve high quality image transmission in real time or stored images from vehicles in remote areas.

The closed circuit monitor support allows drivers to see what is going on in every corner of the vehicle at a glance. Moreover, the ability of double direction sound transmission allows the drivers to communicate freely with the coordination centre as well as with other co-operators.

It’s an ideal solution applied to:

  • International Road Transport Trucks (TIR)
  • Police vehicles
  • Merchandise Transfer Vehicles
  • School Buses/Vehicles
  • Emergency Vehicles (ambulances, rescue unit vehicles, security patrols)
  • Money Transfer Vehicles
  • Trains, etc.

And also for:

  • Factories- Logistic Warehouses
  • Offices – Department Stores – Living quarters/ houses
  • Airports-Ports
  • Outdoor or enclosed places etc.

Moreover, with the ultramodern Signal & Image Reception Centre all INTERSTAR Security clients’ systems are connected to each other to via a conjunct phone line, hired straight line or optical fibre line and their communication is monitored for reasons of safety.

This system monitors, records and saves everything, so as to recognize and confront everyone. This is why this system offers the safest and most secure environment for you and your property.